Cavan Te

Cavan Te

As a child, Cav would watch his father play guitar and sing at parties; it was what he was known for. He never did it professionally, or made money from it, he played because he loved it and Cav loved watching and listening to him.  He bought him his first guitar and from that day just wanted to be like him. 40 years on and Cav is just that, a singer, guitarist and entertainer and he thanks him for that.

A soulful/blues type of guy, 3 chords and a groove and he’ll sing and play for days. Mashing up styles and blending genres to turn the original vibe of songs into modern and interesting tracks. Armed with a loop pedal, Cav can set up rhythms to rhyme over and solo till his fingers bleed.

Cav plays the classics mixed with versions of modern hits. Below is a link to his acoustic repertoire with a mix of artists and genres.

Cav can provide entertainment in solo, duo, trio or full band mode. His band (Cavan Te & The Fuss) are on of Sydney’s best RnB​ acts! Able to perform at Clubs, Hotels, Corporate events and weddings; Cav is an exceptional performer.

Primal Entertainment Cavan Te Sydney rnb band wedding

Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye Cover) as seen on FOXTEL