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Chantelle Marie King

Chantelle Marie King

“Chantelle’s repertoire of classic arias, devotional tunes, and romantic songs make her the ideal choice for your ideal Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Celebration.

Quality Always Leaves the Most Lasting Impression!”

Presently appearing as a lead Soprano in The Music of André RIEU Spectacular, Chantelle Marie King is an Australian classical, cross-over, Sprinto-Soprano, who performs across a wide spectrum of musical theatre, classical, operatic arias and contemporary melodies.

One of Australia’s top, emerging classical & contemporary crossover artists, gracing stages across Australia with an impressive vocal range, she has the ability to leave any audience speechless.

She performs across a wide range of genres from Classical Arias to Contemporary Acoustic Ballads. She is understandably the “go to” performer at high-end corporate functions or special occasions.

Classically trained and an award winning vocalist, Chantelle adds a touch of class, with quality music and professionalism to make the night a special and memorable occasion.

Most recently, Chantelle has been performing across Australia in the Andre Rieu Spectacular, which was awarded the ACE Best Production show in 2013 with sell out audiences.