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Miss Ain’t Behavin

Miss Ain’t Behavin’

Performing jazz & cocktail tunes from the Golden Era of swing & lounge music

Dropped by her parents at the orphanage so they could go road tripping across the USA, Miss Ain’t Behavin worked out early on in life the convent wasn’t for her, despite loving the Nun Story and Where angels go trouble follows.

The moves of Elvis, the crooning of Dean and the sheer sex appeal of Troy Donahue made her realise that life was worth livin and that fat ankles only got you one place in life.

An early run in with a ukulele and a bunch of beachbums ensured she was on the right track. With a head full of dreams she snuck out of the convent, stowed away on an ocean liner bound for Waikiki where on arrival she was swiftly leid by the beach boys, learnt how to surf whilst doing the hula and the finer points of ukulele 101. The rest as they say is history.

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