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Nick Read

Nick Read

“A great all-rounder, Nick Read can cater a show to suit your every need”

Nick Read is a professional wedding DJ and performer based on the Central Coast, New South Wales. He has a wide range of experience within the music industry and was a full-time guitar teacher at Intuition Music School, Berkeley Vale.

Before moving across to work independently, Nick has also made many accomplishments early on in the bands ‘Peer Pressure’ (CH9 Today show) and ‘PENNYBLACK’ (2011 Youth Rock Winners NSW). He has also  recorded in professional music studios such as Damien Gerard Studios (Rose Tattoo, Hoodoo Gurus) and has a repertoire of over 400 songs he can perform.

Nick has performed in numerous venues, and also across a range of formats, and can provide professional DJ services in conjunction with his vast repertoire of acoustic music.

Nick can provide the following services:
Acoustic Guitar/Singing (Modern, TOP 40, Rock, Blues, Jazz)
DJ Live Music Fusion (Guitar & DJ)
Ceremony Services (Full Battery operated P.A.)

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