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Peter Healy

Peter Healy

“…blowin’ up a storm!”

From raw, acoustic folk with voice and acoustic guitar, to delicious electric blues and swampy soulful grooves that evoke a myriad of feelings and emotion, this music is deserving of your attention.

Pete has won awards for his writing and music, has been published internationally, and is currently enjoying world wide airplay. Based in Australia, he has played in several countries including Africa and Europe.

Pete’s lyrics and poetry reflect well the human condition. Topics are as diverse as love and love lost, through to planetary degradation and tropical fruit. Everyday events are turned into shiny gems, politicians and policy makers given an often necessary serve, and all of us are treated to a poetic and at times humorous wake up call.

Crossing the boundaries of genres from country to jazz, blues / roots and funk, with all things in between, Peter Healy is one of the most versatile artists around today.