Stephanie Jansen

Stephanie Jansen

My dad taught me my first chords at the age of eleven and since then, my guitar and I have been pretty much inseparable, wracking up over a thousand gigs in and around Sydney over the last eight years.  I’ve had the good fortune of playing in some pretty amazing places.  I’ve sung in front of Uluru, lived on board a massive cruise ship and opened for some great artists including Jon Stevens and Marcia Hines.

Based now in Margaret River (WA) I play regularly at weddings, corporate events and local venues, usually as a soloist, but often accompanied by some talented friends as a duo or band.

What Makes Me Different
A self confessed gear-geek, I love my musical ‘toys’ and any modern technology I can use to expand my sound and make it more interesting.  I use a combination of guitar fingerpicking, looping, foot percussion and effects pedals to create a ‘feel-good’ high energy sound.

Corporate Functions and Events
With several years of experience in corporate events behind me, playing for large organisations such as The Australian Defence Force, Rowing Australia, Carnival Cruise Lines, Voyages Resort, Global Orthopaedic Technology, Concierge Travel etc., I have an understanding of what these occasions involve and how I can contribute to their success.

Weddings and Parties

I’d be honoured to provide the soundtrack for your special day, be it a wedding, engagement party, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion worth celebrating!

Stephanie performs in a variety of pubs, clubs and restaurants all year round and would be the perfect addition to your entertainment schedule.