Wayne Jury


Wayne Jury

“…His exceptional voice has the power, the technical strength and the main ingredient – absolutely heartfelt soul – to really move the audience.”

Over 30 years of performing and working behind the scenes in Sydney gained Wayne much respect as a singer/songwriter. He has worked with some of Australia’s finest musicians and producers. He may not be a household name but his solo performance leaves little doubt of his talent and ability as a singer and songwriter.

At 15 (1974) he was supporting some of Australia’s finest touring bands (AC/DC, Ayres Rock, Little River band, Buffalo, Cold Chisel, Hush and TMG).  By 16 he was playing 7 nights a week up and down Australia’s East coast.  Since then he has played thousands of gigs all over Australia.  Opened for blues greats B.B. King, Robert Cray, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy with his band Black Cat Moan, and has made his mark on dozens of great pubs and other venues with his soul-drenched voice, great songs and distinctive guitar style.

Wayne Jury’s music can evoke strong emotions. His exceptional voice has the power, the technical strength and the main ingredient – absolutely heartfelt soul – to really move the audience. He lives the song and delivers it from the heart. This is what he shares with his audience.” – Frankie Lee, ABC Sydney.

Having performed, toured and recorded with various groups including Sydney’s blues Kings, Ron and Jeff King (a trio of acoustic blues), The Foreday riders, Bridie King and her Boogie Kings, Pianist Alison Penney and 7 years with young guitar prodigy Nathan Cavaleri, he then formed a 7 piece band ‘Drybones’, playing original songs along side some classic soul, funk and blues. This was his last project in Sydney before returning to his hometown Geelong, Victoria in 2006.

John Brewster (The Angels/Brewster Brothers) recognized his talent when he began working with Wayne in 1992. Together they wrote dozens of songs, which culminated in the release of a solo album through J. Albert and son (Publishers) and Albert Productions. (AC/DC, the Angels, Rose Tattoo, the Easybeats, Vanda & Young etc.)

Since Wayne’s first solo release (Harry Vanda / George Young – executive producers) he has written material across a number of genres including co-writing the top 10 hit for Aleesha Rome “Search my Heaven”. He has a strong catalogue of country and country/pop crossover, along with many pop “R & B” / dance tunes. His passion for soul, folk and blues are what inspire his live performances.

He currently teaches (Singing) in Geelong and over the last 2 years has been studying (music) and has conducted vocal workshops and performances for The Greater City of Geelong, the Encore theatre company, the ‘All abilities’ and ‘Family fun Day’ Festivals and for the Echuca Winter Blues festival.

His writing continues for a new solo CD, he performs solo, in a duo with Bob Spencer (Skyhooks/The Angels) called ‘Jury+Spencer’ and most recently Chris Wilson harmonica prodigy Rory Millar has been joining him on stage with electric results. Together they have a highly successful residency at ‘Wine Justice’ in Geelong.

His solo show is both intimate and personal in an earthy combination of original tunes (and tunes collected from other musical projects). The cover versions have been re-worked to suit his quirky style and his original tunes have that somehow familiar timelessness about them.

Wayne Jury is one of the best blues singers in this country.”  – Michael Smith, Drum Media Sydney.


Wayne Jury Recordings

1989 Black cat Moan self titled album                            (Arika)

1994 Solo album “Walking on Glass”                            (Alberts/Sony)

1994 Single “Walking on Glass”                                   (Alberts/Sony)

1995 Single “Never had a Dream”                                 (Alberts/Sony)

1999 Bridie King and her Boogie Kings. “My Blues”       (Trailblazer)

2001 Jenny Marie Lang band “Not this Time”                (Crawdaddy)

2005 Foreday riders ”Shake a Leg”                               (Full House records)

2006 Drybones album “dance”                                      (Independent)

2007 Jury+Spencer self titled EP                                  (Independent)